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Following the meeting of the ACCSQ TMHS PWG in 2006, the ACCSQ TMHS PWG Scientific Committee (ATSC) was created to assist the TMHS PWG in the study of additional areas for harmonization of traditional medicines and health supplements and provide scientific information and recommendations on the following areas of regulations:

  1. Negative list of active ingredients for TMHS
  2. Restricted list of active ingredients
  3. Restricted list of additives and excipients for TMHS
  4. Limits of contaminants in TMHS
  5. Limits of microbial contamination
  6. Limits of pesticide residues
  7. Minimising TSE risks
  8. Maximum level of vitamins and minerals in HS
  9. Claims requirements for TMHS
  10. Safety Data Requirements for TMHS
  11. Efficacy Data Requirements for TMHS
  12. Stability Study and Shelf Life for TMHS
  13. Product Dossier Submission for TMHS
  14. Harmonisation of Labeling Requirements for TMHS
  15. Classification of products at the interface
  16. Good Manufacturing Practices

Members of the ATSC are experts from the various sectors including academia, government and industry. 

The current chairmanship is held by Brunei.

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